Is there a “you” after your career ends?

When you lose your corporate career, you lose a lot of rewards and excitement from your life. The beginning of my book tells the hectic story of one day in my life as a corporate princess™.

Dear diary

Here I am in First Class, Dom Pérignon in hand and expecting a typhoon to hit in a few minutes. Hmmm, even if we don’t make it out safely, what a way to go!

What do a Harrods bear, Dom Pérignon champagne and a Level 7 typhoon have in common? Answer: my day had all three. Two out of these three, I love. The third, I could have done without. Having said that, I enjoyed the first two and survived the third.

My day started, as it so often does, at an early morning breakfast meeting in Singapore with the Country Manager before flying to Taiwan. I arrived early for check-in at Singapore’s Changi Airport, leaving plenty of time to inspect the shops in case something took my fancy.

To my utter delight, a new shop had suddenly popped up since my last trip to Singapore. It was none other than a Harrods outlet. You might wonder why that was so significant. It wouldn’t have been soexciting if not for the fact that a giant Harrods bear stood, guarding the entrance to the store. That meant only one thingthere had to be bears for sale in the shop! Being an arctofile (a lover of and collector of teddy bears), I immediately made a bee-line, or should I say bear-line, for the shop.

It appeared that Harrods was celebrating its one-hundredth anniversary and, as I walked in, a Harrods bear leapt into my arms. He was rather a large bear, about two feet tall, old-fashioned in the stiff V&A style. Winstonas I promptly named himand I walked out of the shop literally joined at the hip, as it was the most comfortable way to carry him, given his size.

Fortunately, the Cathay Pacific flight attendants took one look at Winston and fell in love. They gently placed him in the overhead locker, but once we were airborne, he spent most of the flight in their arms. Bears have this effect on most people, and Winston was full of personality.