What is your Plan B? Do you even have one?

That sounds like as strange question to be asking, but with today’s economy and the uncertainly out there in organisations, it’s a good one to be asking.

Five years ago my job came to a sudden end and I had no Plan B. I just tired more of my Plan A but the Universe decided that it would not cooperate and I had to come up with a Plan B which nowadays is my Plan A.

Most of us working in companies be they large or small, feel we are ‘bullet proof’. Sadly, history shows that whether you are at the top of an organisation, at the bottom or somewhere in between, no one and I repeat no one is immune from the possibility of losing their job.

So, with the ‘organisational’ Grim Reaper metaphorically standing behind your shoulder, what should one do? Firstly, I think one should accept that organisations are not reliable in the sense where once you could stay as long as you wanted, assuming you performed, today, anyone potentially could lose their job.

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